restaurant review: kura

I could write a love letter to the multitude of Japanese restaurants found on every street in Auckland, a miso soup never too far away. This night, an hour before me and my friend were due at the movies, we ventured down the death-defying stairs into a unmistakably Japanese-decorated room, overdressed in winter clothes. I didn’t expect how buzzing the place would be (though it was a Friday night, so it was silly of me) but we managed to grab the last two places at the bar. Because of the Q theatre nearby, our waiter asked if we needed to leave at a certain time – amazing.

Japanese service is so, so polite, and I was charmed. It reminded me of Japan, and my friend (who was raised in Japan) said the same thing. Due to time constraints, I ordered the Seafood Lovers Donburi, which comes in a square box with picturesque fish laid on top sushi rice, a muscle on the side. I tried to take a picture, forgot about the flash, tried to avoid eye-contact with anyone that saw me, and promptly deleted the photo straight away. I love, love sashimi, and the sashimi here is very, very thinly cut, super fresh and super yummy. It’s a Very Light Dinner, which was absolutely fine with me because I had had a decidedly Not Light Thai lunch, and it left me satisfied without feeling absolutely gross.

Man, I love food.

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