why even write the article when u have nothing to say? dear spinoff

The Spinoff – it’s free, it’s there, and it beats NZHerald (mostly).

Their funding seems to stream in from sponsors like Lightbox, so it wasn’t surprising that one of the top stories in their TV section was about The Mindy Project, seeing as Lightbox had just posted up the season finale not too long ago.

The headline was ‘A series of thoughts and feelings from The Mindy Project finale’. Well, at least it was fucking accurate. It was indeed a vapid series of thoughts and feelings in the form of the ever-readable listicle, accompanied by photos (didn’t even spring for GIFS), and a helpful reminder at the end to watch the show on Lightbox.

Now, I don’t blame the writer of this article, who in fact was probably told to write a content-light, devoid-of-any-real-opinion piece in order to slap it up so they could continue to appease the sponsor. But, like, could they not?

I, too, ‘devoured’ the season finale of a show that I continued watching in the hope of it getting better (and to support Mindy Kaling, who I’ve always loved and looked up to) but to be honest, it fucking sucked.

There was so many (more critical) angles to take – like how Mindy got engaged to another – but perhaps slightly more attractive than the rest – white dude, only to stare out the train window with a look that probably foreshadows the fact that the first episode of Season 6 will open with Mindy getting the hell out of dodge. Or how it continues to repeat the same themes and tropes over and over again (like Collette proposing to her girlfriend, realising that wait, she can’t actually be trapped in a marriage, and forcing Morgan to break up with her for her).

Or, like, how it isn’t even funny anymore?

I just have a lot of feelings about this show – pretty much the only prime time television show (before it got axed and put on Hulu) to have an Asian woman at helm. When it started I was stoked, but was soon disappointed at the countless white boyfriends and even the prioritisation of white males as the other leads on the show. Morgan, Jeremy, Peter, Jody. Can we talk about why Jody had to exist? And don’t come at me with the ‘Mindy Lahiri is a White Man’ episode, which attempted to fix this with Mindy saying she wanted to ‘be friends’ with another Asian woman doctor, only for this doctor to never appear again and probably never appear again even if there is a Season 6.

I couldn’t even list all the forgettable white dudes that have appeared on the show, and lame in-show acknowledgments about this does not fix the problems, writers. Seriously.

And to The Spinoff – I don’t even know why you bothered. Sponsored content indeed.


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