why did i make this

Full disclosure – I created this blog on a Saturday night, at home in bed, feeling very dejected after deciding not to go out because “I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway”. And then having a big pity party about why I wouldn’t enjoy it – because no one likes me, because I’m not cool enough, because they wouldn’t even realise I wasn’t there, because they aren’t really my friends blah blah blah blah. Typical shit that crops up from time to time, and usually just ends in a crying session and then going to sleep.

Except this time, I made a blog.

Pity party at mine is just a shameless acknowledgment that I never go to parties, and that I’m a chronic sufferer of wallowing in self-pity and not doing much about it. It’s my place to rhapsodise about the unfairness of life without people accusing me of being a huge fucking whiner, because newsflash – it’s in the title.

And because sometimes I want to write about stuff that’s not just me trying to churn out Relatable and Depressing Millennial content, I also added “eat your feelings” and “live vicariously” tabs, which are about food and film and television respectively. I do, in fact, eat out a lot, and it’s my ultimate goal to cash in on that and have people give me free meals or something. (I cross-post on Zomato in eternal hope of this.)

I also watch a lot of film and TV, so you know, sometimes I want to talk about that.

Even if blogging is a little bit like shouting into the void, at least it’s a void with a URL.


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